Photovoltaic junction box IP65 500v 4 6 8 10 string pv combiner box for solar panel system

Item No.: SRM029
In order to reduce the connection between the solar PV array and the inverter, improve the reliability of the system, and facilitate the installation and maintenance of the system, it is generally necessary to add a combiner box between the PV module and


Two sets of independent photovoltaic array input/output, maximum open circuit voltage 500V

Multiway photovoltaic array input, single way input array maximum current of 10A

Single way photovoltaic array to join the high-voltage fuse protection,counter-attack protection

Photovoltaic special high voltage lightning protection device protection

Photovoltaic special high voltage circuit breaker control output;

Meet outdoor installation requirements, protection class IP65

Model H4T H6T H8T H10T
Input data
PV array input numbers 4 6 8 10
Max single PV array current 10A
Single PV array fuse 10A
Single PV array wire size PG7,4mm2
Output data
Output numbers 2
Max output current 20A/each way, total 40A 30A/each way, total 60A 40A/each way, total 80A 50A/each way, total 100A
Each way output wire size PG16,each way 8mm2 PG16,each way 10mm2 PG16,each way 10mm2 PG16,each way 12mm2
Max output voltage 500VDC
DC output circuit breaker yes
Others data
protection IP65
Temperature range -30℃ ~ +60℃
Reference weight(N.W/G.W.) 5.3/9.3 8.4/12.9 9.5/14.3 10.8/15.6
Machine size(D X W X H) 340*300*140mm 360*340*145mm 400*420*145mm
Packaging size(D X W X H) 450*420*245mm 470*450*255mm 530*510*255mm
Cooling way Natural cooling
SPD protection yes
Ground wire size ≥6mm2