RN Series Solar charge Controller(40A/50A/60A)

Item No.: RN Series (40A/50A/60A)
MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)Solar Charge Controller offer an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from a solar array.
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1,High-efficient MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%.

2,Support Seal/Gel/Flooded battery and customized batteries.

3,Four types of load mode selection: ON/OFF, PV voltage control, Dual Time control, PV+Time control.

4,Current-limited charging function.

5,High definition LCD display.

6,Intelligent interaction experience.

7,Dual RS485 communication ports, support for parallel communication.

8,Support PC and APP (Android & iOS) monitoring.
Product Category
Controller properties MPPT (Maximum power point tracking)
MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%
Standby power 0.5W~1.2W
System voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V auto work
Heat-Dissipating method Fan-cooling
Input Characteristics
Max.PV input voltage(Voc) DC150V
Start charge voltage point Battery voltage + 3V
Low input voltage protection point Battery voltage + 2V
PV rated power 12V system 520W 650W 780W
24V system 1040W 1300W 1560W
36V system 1560W 1950W 2340W
48V system 2080W 2600W 3120W
Charge Characteristics
Battery types (Default Gel battery) Gel battery, Sealed lead-acid battery, Flooded battery, User-defined
Charge rated current 40A 50A 60A
Charge method 3 stages: CC (Constant current) - CV (Constant voltage) - CF (Floating charge)
Load voltage Same as battery voltage
Load rated current 30A
Load control mode On, Off , PV voltage control, Dual-time control, PV + Time control
Display & Communication Low voltage protection The default protection point is 10.5V, and it is restored to 11V (can be set)
Setup method PC software / Mobile APP / controller display
Display High-definition LCD segment code backlight display
 Dry contact access voltage 5V ~ 12V
Communication Dual RJ45 port/RS485/support PC software monitoring /support WiFi module for APP cloud monitoring / support centralized parallel monitoring
Other Parameters Protections Input over / low voltage, output over / low voltage, reverse connection, over temperature, short circuit, battery shedding etc.
 Operating ambient temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+75℃
 IP(Ingress protection) IP21
 Max. Battery wire (mm2/AWG) 30mm2
 Max. Load wire(mm2/AWG) 30mm2
 Recommended breaker ≥100A
Net weight (KG)/Gross weight (KG) 2.15 / 3.05
Product size (mm)/Packing size (mm) 305×185×72 / 420×275×150